Amendment #2 to NOR

The Organizing Authority of the 2017 ORC World Championship, after consultation with all involved co-organizers and authorities, having carefully evaluated the numbers and quality of the entries and teams presently in "stand-by" for acceptance and the potential of the organization (both ashore and at sea), have decided to extend the number of entries in Class B and C for a further 10% reaching the max number of 55 boats in both classes B & C

Therefore the following amendment is made to NOR:

Amendment #2 to NOR

In NoR 4.3, 4.6 and 4.7 wherever number 50 is used as a whole number replace it with 55 and wherever number 30 is used as a whole number replace it with 37

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Mascalzone Latino, Be Wild and Airis are ORC World Champions

In an exciting finale to a week of mostly light air sailing, overall class winners were not decided until the last race in all classes today at the ORC Worlds Trieste 2017. And the new World Champions in each class were surprises as well, none having been at the top of the leaderboard all week during the 6-day format of inshore and offshore racing.

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